Idaho Man Shot After Pointing Cellphone At Cops, Was Showered With Bullets For It! (*Warning* Graphic)
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daho Falls, ID - Idaho Falls, ID - Bonneville County Prosecutor Daniel Clark has determined the use of force was justified in the shooting of Ricky L. Mosley on June 29. The Idaho Falls man was shot five times by members of the Idaho Falls Police Department and Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office during a standoff at the Tiger Exxon on North Yellowstone. On Tuesday, Clark revealed the findings of an investigation into the incident, during a news conference. He also showed dash cam video of the the shooting. The video starts shortly after police pulled Mosley over after a reported domestic disturbance. Minutes later an agitated Mosley is shown leaving his truck with his hands clasped behind his back. “Mosley refused repeated requests to show his hands to law enforcement intentionally leaving them behind his back while holding a phone. This can have no purpose, but to give the impression that Mosley had or may have had a weapon,” Clark said. “When (an officer) attempted to get into a position to use a taser to subdue Mosley, (he) lunged and drew his hands forward as if to replicate an aggressive shooting motion. Only then did law enforcement use deadly force.” The five officers fired 22 shots at Mosley from a distance of approximately 20 feet. He was hit five times in the groin and the leg. Clark said the shots were not an attempt to subdue Mosley. Mosley is still in Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center and is in fair condition. He has been charged with felony domestic battery related to the domestic disturbance prior to the shooting.
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