Disturbing: Armenia's Wealthiest Citizen Throws A Donkey Inside His 2 Pet Lions Cage For Entertainment! (As The Donkey Was Bout To Put The Lights Out On The Lion. Guy Shoots At It) *Warning* Vewer Discretion Is Advised
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Disgrace. One of our viewers sent us this video and felt they need to put this man on serious blast. We dont condone animal abuse and this right here is sad. This is how "Grant" is reporting it "One of Armenia's Riches man has two lions . and what he does is throws in a donkey into the cage for the lions can kill it as they watch for entertainment . But the donkey turns around and almost kills the lion and they got scared that the lion was gonna die so they shot the donkey"
This video was shot at what is alleged to be the private zoo of oligarch MP Gagik Tsarukian. Better known to most Armenians by his nickname, Dodi Gago, Tsarukian is believed to be Armenia's wealthiest citizen . The former world arm-wrestling champion is also head of the second largest political party in the Armenian National Assembly as well as the President of the Armenian National Olympic Committee. Is This is what money does to people? This is sick and horrible