South Carolina Cop Gets Shot 4 Times At Point Blank Range! (*Warning* Graphic)
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HAMPTON, SC Estill police officer Quincy Smith was shot four times on New Year’s Day in 2016, an event captured on video by a camera in his glasses that he bought himself.

After a two-day jury trial, Malcolm Antwan Orr, 29, of Estill, was convicted of attempted murder and possession of a weapon during commission of a violent crime. On Wednesday, Orr was sentenced to 35 years in prison, 14th circuit solicitor McDuffie Stone, said in a news release.

Smith, responding to a suspicious person call on January 1, 2016, at the Charles Party Shop on U.S. 321 in Estill, spotted a man walking away from the store who fit the description of the man who the clerks said was snatching groceries from people’s hands. He ordered the man, later identified as Orr, to stop. But Orr kept walking and talking on his cell phone. Smith then threatened Orr with a taser if Orr did not remove his hand from his jacket pocket.

With his cell phone still pressed to his ear, Orr pulled out a pistol and began firing at Smith, Stone said. Posted By Ghost