California Cops Threw A Shirtless Man On 167 Degree Asphalt Causing Him To Have 3rd Degree Burns! (*Warning* Graphic)
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Police in Citrus Heights, California threw a shirtless man to the ground on 167° F asphalt. Human skin is instantly destroyed at 162 degrees. Now James Nelson is in the hospital with serious burns all over his torso and face.

It all happened on June 23, 2017, in a KFC parking lot. The 28-year-old Nelson was having a schizophrenic episode when he began acting erratically inside a KFC restaurant. The video shows him jumping on counters and assaulting restaurant staff. 911 was called and Citrus Heights police officers arrived on scene to find Nelson in the KFC parking lot shirtless. Immediately the officers grabbed Nelson throwing him to the hot parking lot asphalt surface.

Once officers finally recognized that Nelson was being burned by the 167° F asphalt they poured water on him and called paramedics. But, Nelson had already sustained both 2nd and 3rd-degree burns. Posted By Ghost